Dimity + David (April 2014)

A wedding is  not only a day that a couple confirms their love and commitment to each other, but is also a celebration of life shared with family and friends. Dimity and David's day embodied all of the above. When I first met these two I knew that their day would be sincere, full of love and true to themselves, allowing their personalities to shine through, and when the day arrived I couldn't have been more right.  From the moment I stepped foot into the boys apartment until the moment I left the reception, every minute of the day was perfect. There were tears of joy, moments of nervousness, screams of laughter but above all the feeling of love. It's fair to say I pushed Dimity and David to the brink when it came to photos (I like to keep on going and going and going), but I think the end results speak for themselves! Thank you Dimity, David and all those involved on the day for making my job not only fun, but so easy. I know that you will enjoy a long life together filled with love and happiness. (ceremony: Fergusson Square / reception: The Maid Hotel)