Uniting Communities 'Colleen's Cosy'

What better way is there to get people in a community out and talking with another than over a cup of tea and biscuits? The folks at Uniting Communities though so too, and decided to do the ultimate tea party by transforming an old caravan into a mobile tea pot! Suitably named 'Colleen'  this caravan was given a whole lot of loving from various members of the Uniting Community team and the wider community, with many hours of work poured into creating a beautifully knitted patch-work cosy for the old girl. Once completed, Uniting Communities decided to spread Colleen's love and hosted an unveiling tea party with the Campbeltown City Council in Tranmere and what a party it was! There was plenty of entertainment, cakes and of course tea to make all those who attending enjoy the afternoon and get to know their neighbours. An amazing day showcasing the amazing work a community can do when they work together. (job: Colleen's Cosy Tea Party / client: Uniting Communities SA)